Henna Sophia Asheville

Divine Henna Artistry to suit any style

River Dawn is among the leading Henna Artists in Asheville, NC. Her team consists of herself and her two assistants she has personally taught, Tru Lebelle and Chris Stannard (Oma)

With a passion for sacred geometry and symbolism, River’s intricate designs are not only beautiful but also meaningful to the wearer.

Available for hire for: In House Visits, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Blessingways and Baby Showers, Private Events, Parties, Ceremonies, Festivals…etc.

(All reservations are by appointment only)

Please email hennasophiaavl@gmail.com with inquiries.

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*River also does Permanent Tattooing and Piercing

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Our Team


River Dawn

Owner/Lead Henna Artist/ Tattoo Artist

River is the owner of Henna Sophia and among the leading Henna Arists in Asheville. Her designs are rooted in traditional form with inspiration from Sacred Geometry and Symbolism. Her skills range from sweet and simple party designs to the deeply woven intricacies of Bridal Henna. She is also a Tattoo Artist with focus on permanent henna style art which can be done in a range of colors.

River is gifted at ceremonial henna and enjoys the ritual art of the timeless plant.

River has personally taught everyone in the Henna Sophia Team.

By appointment only.


Tru Lebelle

Henna Artist

Tru is the newest member of the Henna Sophia team. They hold a background in surrealism and spirituality and their style is grounded in traditional with an esoteric spin. Tru has learned much of their technique from River and from that solid structure, they have grown to incorporate their own spirit and creative nature.

By appointment only.



Henna Artist/ Sales Associate

Oma developed a love for henna through watching her daughter, River and has found her own passion through that. Oma’s designs are beautiful and intricate. She especially enjoys mandala work on large canvases, so naturally she excels at PreNatal Henna.

She also makes the kits we sell that are packed beautifully with everything you need to make henna at home (besides the lemon juice!)

Oma is head of sales and sells our kits to shops local and far. Individual kits are $30 and whole sale (10 or more) $15 each.



Henna Artist

Brynn is our Henna Artist who is located at Lust and Lore Tattoo Company, accepting walkins throughout the week. She aspires to be a tattoo artist and you can see that in her work which is very carefully created with intention and detail.

Brynn offers all of the designs out of our books as well as her own creations made up on the spot.